Fees for 2019, including all tuition, accomodation and food, are:

Residential Ensuite: £800
Residential Standard: £765
Non-residential: £600 (includes all meals except breakfast)

Applications for 2019 are not open yet. Those who have been in the last few years will receive an email when applications do open. This usually happens around the middle of January. If you are new to the course and would like an email with application details then please fill in the form below.


Please contact Josée if you have any questions or would like a hard copy of the application form at

Please note, the Directors reserve the right to turn down a course application if they feel that, for any reason, this is beneficial to the course. The Directors can also refuse to allow a student to join a session (particularly Tutorial Groups) if they feel it is the wrong standard for that person, especially if it might adversely affect others in the group. This way, we  ensure the course runs smoothly and that everyone enjoys a positive experience of the Recorder Summer School.