Below is an overview of the course as well as descriptions of the different sessions available during a typical day.

Session 1 & 4: Tutorial classes and Topics

In both of these sessions there will be 4 Tutorials and 5 Topics on offer. This means that you can pick to do one, two or none of either Tutorials or Topics.

Tutorials run through the week and are for those wishing to focus predominantly on solo repertoire and on improving their playing/technique. The repertoire will be for solo recorder as well as for duet/trio. It is very important to prepare the set music in advance if you and others are to benefit fully from the tutorial classes. Please note that there is a masterclass tutorial during session 1 for students of levels 4.

Topics run through the week and take place at the same time as the tutorials. Teachers have picked topics which interest them and which they would like to share with the students. The music for the Topic sessions will be supplied on the course.

Click here for the 2021 timetable.
Click here to see the 2021 tutorial and topics.

 Sessions 2: Over to Us

No preparation necessary! Each of the tutors will take the same group of players through the week. Some groups will work on orchestral music (10 or more parts from sopranino to contra). Others will work on a variety of ensemble pieces (up to 6 parts). Let us know on your option form whether you would rather play in an orchestra or in an ensemble and we will do the rest. Our aim is to put everyone in a group that will give them the best experience.

Sessions 3 and 5: Ensembles

There will 5 or 6 ensembles on offer twice a day, graded in order of difficulty. Click here for an overview of the 2020 ensembles. Students are free to attend whichever they choose and only need to decide the evening before. This will give everyone the opportunity to work with all tutors and play a wide variety of music. The 2021 ensemble list is not available yet.


The recorder quartet Palisander will be entertaining us with a wonderful concert on Monday evening. The concert is free for course participants and others can buy tickets by contacting Josée, our administrator.

Students’ Concert

We have decided not to have a students’ concert this year, in order to keep  things as “Covid safe” as we can.


Recorder Music Mail will have a well-stocked music shop, including all music required. The Early Music Shop will sell recorders, other early instruments and CDs.  Anthony Barret will sell items as well as provide a repair service. Please don’t assume RSS’s endorsement of any of these services. Any transactions made are at your own risk.

Fees for 2021

The fees include all tuition, accommodation and food.
Residential En-suite: £850
Residential Standard: £810
Non-residential: £645 (includes all meals except breakfast)