2017 The Course

Here you can find an overview of the daily sessions for 2017:

Session 1: 9 Tutorial classes

Each morning starts with a tutorial class. To benefit fully from the tutorial classes, it is important to prepare the set music in advance.

Five of these are for those wishing to focus predominantly on solo repertoire:

  • Advanced 1 Saskia Coolen
  • Advanced 2 Marion Scott
  • Intermediate 1AK (Grades 6-8) Annemarie Klein
  • Intermediate 1TB (Grades 6-8) Tom Beets
  • Intermediate 2 (Grades 5-6) Joris Van Goethem
  • Intermediate 3 (Grades 2-4) Michelle Holloway

There will also be three tutorials for those who prefer ensemble playing, as follows:

  • Advanced Chamber Orchestra (Grades 8+) Helen Hooker
  • Upper Intermediate Ensemble (Grades 6-8) Moira Usher
  • Intermediate Ensemble (Grades 4-5) Sandra Foxall

Sessions 2 and 5: Ensembles

Twice a day there will be 5 or 6 ensembles, running concurrently, graded in order of difficulty. Each day the ensembles change. Students are free to attend whichever they choose and only need to decide the day before. This will give everyone the opportunity to work with all members of staff and play a wide variety of music.

Sessions 3 and 4: Afternoon options

These options run through the week, except Wednesday. Music will be provided for all of these sessions. Options are chosen about two months before the course and more details will be available at that time. For information, the options will be as follows:

  • Multi Choir (Sandra Foxall): An opportunity for players of all standards to enjoy music for two or more choirs of recorders. (All levels)
  • Different Nations (Joris Van Goethem): Different nations had different styles in the baroque period. We will play and have a close look at these “national styles” and their differences in composition and performance. French Elegance, Italian Flamboyancy, German Cleverness and English Sophistication. (Grades 5+)
  • Technique (Saskia Coolen): Back to basics! Five sessions on the basics of recorder technique: posture, breathing and tone, articulation and fingering. (Grades 3-6)
  • The Fashionable Fugue (Annemarie Klein): An exploration of the origins and developments of the fugue from the Renaissance onward. (Grades 5+)
  • Folk Music (Michelle Holloway): Explore some folk tunes from across the continents. Be prepared to dabble with odd time signatures and learning by ear. (Grades 4+)
  • Advanced Recorder Orchestra (Tom Beets): An opportunity for experienced orchestral players to work intensively on recorder orchestra repertoire. (Grades 7+)
  • Intermediate Recorder Orchestra (Marion Scott): An opportunity for intermediate level players to explore the delights of playing in a recorder orchestra. (Grades 4+)
  • Light Music & Swing (Helen Hooker): A chance to enjoy music of the lighter genre and swing era. (All levels)
  • Introduction to Unbarred (Moira Usher): For those who have never ventured into the territory of playing unbarred music or have been put off on previous attempts! Don’t worry, it will be a nice and easy start. Experienced “unbarred“ players are also very welcome. (All levels)


Our very own Annemarie Klein will entertain us with a concert on Sunday evening. She will be accompanied by David Gerrard on harpsichord.

Students’ Concert

There is an informal students’ concert on Friday evening.


Recorder Music Mail will have a well-stocked music shop, including all music required at the School. The Early Music Shop will sell recorders, other early instruments and CDs. Julie Dean will also be at the course with the Recorder Shop London! However, please don’t assume RSS’s endorsement of any of these services. Any transactions made are at your own risk.


The fees include all tuition, accomodation and food.

Residential Ensuite: £755

Residential Standard: £720

Non-residential: £565 (includes all meals except breakfast)