Music List (2018)

The music lists for 2019 are not available yet. The music lists from 2018 are below and will give you an idea of the range of music covered in one week at RSS

To view the 2018 tutorial music, click here.

To view the  2018 ensemble music, click here.

Music can be obtained from Recorder Music Mail or Telephone on +44 (0)1422 882751 or email

If you are new to the course, you might need some extra info:

All students should have their own copies of the music needed for their tutorial session each morning and should have practised it before the start of the course. You are free to choose which tutorial you go to but it is the intention that you attend the same one each day. However, if after the first session on Saturday evening, you think you might have chosen the wrong tutorial class then there is room for people to change. If you want to join one of the 3 Advanced Tutorials  you need to let the Administrator know.

Each day there are two ensemble sessions. You can choose which ensembles you go to the day before, during the course. You might like to buy the music for these but it is not compulsory. If you look in Ensemble Music List you will see that there is an ‘L’ next to many of the pieces which means that the tutor taking that ensemble will have some copies for people to borrow during the session. If there is an ‘L*’ next to the music then this means that there will only be a few copies available from the tutor. Many people like to buy the music first so as to be able to have a look at it before the course. The choice is yours but it always helps if there are people in each session who  have bought the music. If it says “manuscript” next to a piece then this means that the tuor will have enough music for everyone. 

 There are two afternoon options in which the music will be provided, again it is the intention that you go to the same options all week. Some people decide to only do one of these options in order that they get a break each day.